Mattress powder sanitizes 6 bags lavenia vf51389 vorwerk
  • Mattress powder sanitizes 6 bags lavenia vf51389 vorwerk

Mattress powder sanitizes 6 bags lavenia vf51389 vorwerk

Lavenia is a sanitizing powder for carpets and mattresses that acts in depth


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Kobol powder with hypoallergenic action for mattress care.

lavenia powder is a special hypoallergenic detergent for cleaning and sanitizing mattresses. the product must be used with the rinfresca brush and with the carpet cleaner model eb350 eb360 and eb370 connected to the folletto vacuum cleaner.

with lavenia powder, the fibers of the mattresses are revived and deep hygiene takes place with an unforgettable perfume. kobosan active detergent completes lavenia's sanitization work for total safety ideal for children and adults. the lavenia product is subject to expiration and its effectiveness decreases considerably if used after the expiry date. before using the product, it is necessary to check the date imprinted on the back of the package.

all vorwerk products have a 2 year warranty. at any time, an accessory that is still under warranty can be obtained from a service center. the vorwerk detergent that we offer you is an original vorwerk product and must always be preferred to copies, since only the originals are tested so as not to damage the surfaces. the product is shipped throughout italy and abroad.

- pack of 6 bags of 120gr
- original vorwerk pixie product
- lavenia vf51389
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