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Buying electrical parts online from our site is convenient both economically and from a practical point of view: we guarantee, in fact, the possibility of spending little and, above all, receiving the ordered goods at the desired address. Spare Parts for Chandeliers, (home, company, shop, and so on). The catalog of spare parts that we offer is almost endless: there is really everything, from rocker switches, solenoid valves, spare bags for vacuum cleaners, from Electric bipolar switches, to vacuum bags, from light switches for irons, to pumps for coffee makers, from electric coils, valves for irons, bags adaptable to the Kobold, accessories for chandeliers, threaded tubes, fittings, electric candles in wood and plastic, Electric Wholesale, brass joint, hexagonal nuts, Vintage electric cable , fabric cable different colors, ceramic insulators, Vintage sockets and switches, fabric intertwining thread in different colors, votive flame effect Lamp, Vintage bulb in different models, .Purchasing procedures are extremely simple: once the products have been chosen where you want to "do the shopping".